Our Mission

To become an industry leader in specialty anatomic pathology by serving the needs of patients, physicians and communities while striving for excellence in clinical quality.

I’m a Patient

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I’m Clinical Staff

United Pathology Associates has partnered with physicians and their facilities to offer exceptional service and support.

The Role of Pathology

The examination of body tissue samples for diagnostic purposes. Accurate and concise reports play a vital role in facilitating the patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan.


The laboratory examination of samples of body tissue for diagnostic purposes.

A doctor who specializes in pathology and is an expert at interpreting microscopic views of tissues to make a diagnosis.

The process of determining which disease or condition explains a person’s symptoms and signs.

Or (tissue specimen) – the removal of a sample of tissue or cells so that they can be examined by a pathologist.

Plays a critical role in tissue-based diagnosis. By coloring otherwise transparent tissue sections, these stains allow highly trained pathologists to view, under a microscope, tissue morphology (structure) or to look for the presence or prevalence of particular cell types, structures or even microorganisms such as bacteria.

Used to help diagnose diseases, such as cancer. It may also be used to help tell the difference between different types of cancer.

The Process



Your physician determines if a procedure, such as an endoscopy, is needed.


Surgery Center

During the procedure, your physician may take tissues samples. Your samples are then sent to GALA Histology Lab and United Pathology Associates.


Gala Histology Lab

GALA Histology Lab receives the tissue samples and prepares them for the pathologist. Slides will be made and special stains may be applied if needed. Histology refers to the processing of specimens and placing them onto glass slides.


United Pathology Associates

Slides will then be sent to UPA where board-certified pathologists will review and render a diagnosis. UPA will send a pathology report to your physician explaining the findings. Histopathology refers to the examination of a tissue sample by a pathologist.

Leading through Experience

Our pathologists are experienced, board-certified, with subspecialty training.

  • Easy access to pathologists for physician-to-physician communication and consultations
  • Comprehensive test menu includes immunohistochemical and special stains
  • Rapid 24-28 hour turnaround time in most cases
  • Clear and concise reports with color photo micrographic images depicting pathologic findings and diagrams depicting anatomic locations of biopsies